Rupert our Reading Dog

My name is Rupert, and I visit the school to listen to children read, which I really love doing.

I am a greyhound, and I am actually quite a big dog, but my Mummy says I am her big friendly giant. I never jump up, I don’t bark at school, and I certainly don’t bite. If anyone gives me a treat, I am very polite and take it very gently. I am a registered therapy dog, which means I have been tested by people who know a lot about dogs, and they have said I am a calm, friendly boy who is allowed to help people, so I am allowed to wear the very special scarf, harness and lead that only therapy dogs are allowed to wear. It’s a bit like your school uniform, I only put it on to go to school.


Rupert’s Rules
I would like you to be gentle with me at all times.
Please don’t make loud noises near me because it scares me a little.
Always ask whoever is with me before you stroke me.
If you don’t want to be near me, or touch me, just tell whoever is with me. I won’t mind.
If you are a little frightened of me but would like to get to know me one day, and maybe even stroke me, please tell your teacher. I promise I won’t lick you or jump up at you.
I can’t read, so I don’t mind if you make mistakes, I just like listening to stories.
Please wash your hands on the way back to the classroom after touching me.




Feedback from children following a reading session with Rupert

When I went with Rupert he was calm and it was a really fun and relaxing experience. Rupert behaved very well and Mrs McMillan listened to our reading really nicely and so did Rupert! Afterwards we fed Rupert a treat and he did not bark or make a noise, he enjoyed the treat though. I really enjoyed it especially when Rupert laid his head on my lap. As well, you got a sticker with Rupert on it; also it helped me read out loud. I wish I could do it again!

Ellie P

When I went to Rupert, I was very happy because I love dogs! When I read to Rupert, I was enjoying it very much. He made me extremely happy and made me feel calm and relaxed

Jacob B

Rupert is very good and well behaved; he lies down and sometimes lies on your lap. If you get stuck on a word when you are reading Mrs McMillan will help. Rupert calms you down, he is an amazing dog. You will get to feed him a treat after you finish reading. Reading with Rupert is a great experience.

Rebecca M